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Zai – luxury ski brand

zai - born in the mountains, and it's not just a metaphor as its core is made of 50 million years old stone - green gneiss - a unique type of granite. Enormous temperature-pressure conditions during its formation period made it capable of withstanding titanic compressive load. The stone also has a vibration damping property. From shear stress, the stone is protected by the patented CFS technology - allowing it to bend without breaking. Through a combination of unique properties, there is a great advantage - a completely new material with an incredible combination of compressive strength, flexibility, damping properties and a negative coefficient of thermal expansion - in short, an ideal material for skis. You can see the rock-solid heart of zai ski through the tiny window:


Quality control and Zai philosophy

Luxury Swiss handmade ski ZaiIt is worth noting that such exceptional quality ski comes not only from the revolutionary materials but also quality control system, permeated by the company's philosophy - the highest quality without compromise. The system provides close attention to details at every stage from the selection of materials to final finishing.

Thanks to new technologies and special quality control zai skis are characterized by increased durability. For example, the deviation of the calibration parameters was below 10% after ski racing in Canada at a distance of more than 1000 kilometers (620 miles). Swiss company even had to make the stainless steel edges of all brand's skis wider, so that they could withstand a much bigger number of sharpenings.

It is important to emphasize - despite the fact that as a part of the composite material we use a stone and the width of bottom edges is increased, the resulting material by specific weight is not inferior to aluminum in lightness. The company zai has used this material in its first ski collection - Spada. For the winter season 2016-2017, the company has released a new line of skis of this series: Spada 155, 166 Spada, Spada Spada 174 and 188.



zai ski will be precisely calibrated using "Flexast" system for achieving flexibility at 19 points along the entire length of the ski. Each model zai ski has its own unique character and comes in only one size.

To find your ski model, you need to study the characteristics of each model. Choosing model of ski, use the following data about the features of models of the Spada series:

 SPADA 155 - Character

Exclusive handmade ski Zai

Combining the unique damping properties of CFS® stone with the suppleness of cellulose acetate, spada 155 delivers a remarkably smooth ride even in its smaller size. Exhilarating performance can be enjoyed across a very wide range of radii and speeds. Solid handling will inspire confidence in less experienced skiers, while nimble turning and quick response will appeal to serious skiers who enjoy pushing themselves and their equipment to the limit.

 SPADA 166 - Character

Exclusive handmade ski Zai

Thanks to the unique combination of CFS® stone core and cellulose acetate surface, spada 166 delivers a far smoother ride and wider riding range than other skis of a similar length. Engineered with the perfect blend of agility and stability, spada 166 will deliver performance beyond your expectations, regardless of speed and radius.

 SPADA 174 - Character

Exclusive handmade ski Zai

Characterised by its superb turning ability and agile handling, the 174 edition of spada is a delight to ride in all types of snow. Generous handling and high tolerance in the turn allows endless freedom for those, who is willing to play and explore. Even after years of ownership, spada 174 will continue to yield new secrets.

 SPADA 188 - Character

Exclusive handmade ski Zai

The newest model in the spada range is the first zai ski to combine our acclaimed CFS® stone core damping technology with true off-piste ability. Utilising Double Tip® technology perfected through several generations of zai liasa all-mountain ski development, spada 188 offers unsurpassed performance when skiing deep powder. On piste, the legendary spada smoothness and grip comes into its own.


technical specifications:

    width in mm     radius in m   weight length
  front middle tail front middle tail in g in mm
spada 155 119 72 97 7 16 14 tbc 1550
spada 166 123 74 100 9 16 14 1480 1600
spada 174 125 75 104 8.5 16/9 15 1640 1740
spada 188 125 90 113 8.5 16/9 15 tbc 1880


Spada has a relatively flat camber compared to other piste skis. It is also less shaped and wider, which gives the greater versatility in a variety of snow conditions.

Technical specifications of Zai ski

A unique multi-radius, different flex zones along the ski's length and varied camber design provide superior carving and turning ability.


How to choose the right Ski length

The right model of ski you can choose based on your height - the right ski length usually corresponds to your height minus 10 cm. However the rule is quite universal, there are three main factors, which should also be taken into account for more accurate selection of your ski model: height, weight and type of track/your style. To learn more about the topic you can follow the link: how to choose the right model of ski


What goes into the zai Ski Package

All zai skis are delivered ready for the slopes with our all-inclusive ski package. So confident we are in the quality of our skis, that we also offer a generous protection plan as a standard.

Ski Package:

• Customized ski bag

Carbon ski poles Komperdell

• Salomon bindings

Ski Protection Plan:

2-year manufacturer’s warranty for faults or breakage

• 1-year free insurance against theft or accidental damage

• A personal invitation to visit the zai ski factory in Disentis (travel is not included)


Where and how to buy ski by Zai

Swiss Handmade
ski Zai

Swiss handmade ski ZaiExclusive zai ski cannot be purchased in regular sports shops - beware of fakes. Residents of North America, Europe, and other countries can order ski in our online shop at the same prices as by producer because we are official partners of the zai company.

Premium ski by zai can be ordered by our online shop as usual:

  1. Choose your favorite ski model using drop-down menu;
  2. Add it to cart;
  3. Fill the form and choose payment method;
  4. Press "Send my order". After your order is confirmed by a specialist you will receive the Order Conditions Letter (OCL) from:

OCL contains information about: final price, delivery terms, and payment requisites.

If you would like to make a Special order, just send us an e-mail in free form, and we will contact you.


Price of the exclusive ski by Zai

Price of the zai ski Spada series is €6.900. Please, pay attention, that the final price of ski may differ from listed price (as it depends on delivery costs, customs duties, import duties, and exchange rate). That is why your order must be confirmed by the specialist before you pay.



Ski zai can be delivered to any country in the world. Delivery time is about 2-3 weeks, in case of the presence of the chosen model in stock. All the skis will be sent directly from the manufacturer warehouse zai (Switzerland) to the customer. Delivery time begins with the order confirmation through its 100% prepayment.


zai - what passion can do





Additional specifications:
Country of origin: handmade in Schweiz
Warranty: 2-year manufacturer's warranty against defects and breakage
Material: Stone, wood, carbon
Delivery: Worldwide delivery within 2 weeks. Shipping cost is not included in the price of the goods and is calculated separately after ordering or upon special request.

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