About Us


Lux-exchange.com – is the Amazon.com for millionaires, in other words, Lux-exchange.com is the first Marketplace for the most expensive luxury products. Created with the idea of excellence Lux exchange is the direct partner of many of the world's most famous luxury brands. We are searching and selecting the best goods from around the world to find the best product in its segment. Lux-exchange.com the first official exchange of luxury goods on the international area.

In the same time, Lux Exchange is not just about goods – it’s about service. That's why our biggest investments are directed to the continuous improvement of our services. We hold our delivery service on the highest level due to using of the latest developments in this area – to make it as safely and as fast as possible. Our department of linguistics is constantly expanding as we pay special attention to being closer to our customers…

Created with the idea of excellence Lux Exchange does not get tired to prove its right to be considered the best.


Our Mission

Our mission is to assemble the most incomparable collection of amazing goods and best services from around the world and make it easy to get from every corner of the planet.

What distinguishes Lux Exchange goods from others?

Many of the products presented on Lux-exchange.com can be called the most expensive of its kind, many were issued only a few copies, but we don't sell simply the most expensive things, we sell products, which are expensive because of their superior quality and design. So, we don't sell usual things just covered by brilliants, but Lux Exchange team believes, that sometimes the way to success consists in doing usual things unusually well.

That is why most of Lux Exchange products are the most expansive products in their segment in the world.

It is great to have something and to know that it is made by the best specialists with using of the best technologies and an intention to achieve the perfection, isn't it?...